DeFi Video Winners: TWT Giveaway

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up from the first #WisdomOfTheCrowd video contest from Trust Wallet.

We had 75 excellent entries. When we do round two in a couple of weeks we’re hoping for more than 100. The Wisdom of the Crowd is an ongoing experiment for us. We hope to see plenty more videos from you, and even when we are not running contests we’ll be looking out for the good DeFi, DApp and Collectibles videos that demonstrate Trust Wallet in use.

We’ll be rewarding the best videos we see, so please mention our Twitter account and the hashtag #WisdomOfTheCrowd when you post your how-to and explainer content.

So here are the winners. Please make sure your DMs are open so that we can contact you about your rewards.

English Language Winner

$250 in TWT for: @AndreGu63102192

Non-English Language Winner

$250 in TWT for: @Coin_Gratis

Special Prizes

$150 in TWT for: @Axel_bitblaze69

$150 in TWT for: @callmesalman_

English Language Runners Up

$100 in TWT for @Manisha_ManiYT

$100 in TWT for @crypto4chun

$100 in TWT for @LigerLite

Non-English Runners Up

$100 in TWT for Airdrop Việt Đức

$100 in TWT for @Ayeletcoin

$100 in TWT for @VladimyrS

Thank you again to everyone who took part. We know Twitter votes aren’t perfect, but we’ll always ask the crowd what their favourite is before we pick a winner. Good luck next time to anyone who entered but didn’t win.