DEGO Finance NFT Airdrop for Mining


Get to DEGO Finance within TrustWallet App browser

Now connect your trust wallet by clicking on dashboard and choosing Trust wallet from the options.

After it is connected, you will note on the bottom taskbar that it is connected with your Ether wallet within Trust wallet.

Now when you click on NFT (Gego) option, it will open a new window and show you to claim NFT. Click on it will initiate a transaction of approx $8-14 depending on the network congestion. This is a ZERO ether transaction.

Once the transaction is through, it will show here

Now, if you want you can even mine Dego coins with this NFT. For this go to Mining tab and select any pool of the three available. You will need to approve one transaction for staking this pool and it will cost you $2-5 depending on the network traffic.

Once it is through, you will have a button in the pool to stake your NFT. Now this transaction moves the NFT from your wallet to the Stake pool and the fees will be approx $8-15 depending on the network

Once staked, you will screen like this

If you don’t want to stake with all the fees, it is understandable. So either you can keep the NFT or sell it on

There are following NFT and current average lowest value of these NFTs in Eth are

  1. Bronze - .005 (common)
  2. Silver - .01 (average)
  3. Gold - .04 (Good)
  4. Platinum - .25 (Rare)
  5. Diamond - 1 (Super rare)
  6. Kryptonite - 40 (only 19 exists)

In addition, you will also receive .01 Dandy token with the NFT. Nobody know what it is for, however the circulating supply as per the contract is under 1200 and it is valued 1 Eth = .75 Dandy

Check the status of the current NFT circulation here Gego NFT circulation

Do tell me which one you get. Keep rocking Trust Community.


I got a diamond. Wow. That’s awesome. Does that mean I have 1eth?


Hi @Raffyjnr - Wow, this is great. I claimed from 4 wallets and only received silver and Platinum. For the price, as the project is new, everyone is selling their NFT on Opensea

For the price, it has now listings for .4 Eth. The price may go up or down depending on the availability. But great mine though.

I wrote this post Yesterday but it was pending approval and got approved today.


Are these NFT’s tradable on or I just have to put them on auction & sell to a highest bidder?

You have to put them on sale as per standard to swap to Eth, Dai or USDC

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I have a question, post like this allowed here?

Affirmative, the post you referring to is related to Trust Wallet App Dapps.

Dandy Token is already over 1200. It seems the more people claim the NFT

My Dego takes forever to connect with Trust wallet, is that normal?

Even if 35000 more people claim NFT, it will only add 350 Dandy meaning the total supply still remains under 2000. The project will soon to announce the use of Dandy tokens. I have a feeling that it will used to claim some special NFTs but let’s wait and watch.


This post is related to use of a dApp for DeFi with Trust Wallet. This is part of the uses of Trust in accessing the Blockchain ecosystem.

One has to careful though that whatever you bring to the community adds value and doesn’t only serve you.


Am I doing it right?

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@HUMANEVSBOTS Yes, that’s exactly how I did it. If it doesn’t work for you try Wallet Connect service, Trust supports that and I used it for swapping my TWT from BEP2 to BEP20 using a computer

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