Dex exit scams are getting ridiculous

Not going to mention no name but the pattern is becoming so obvious. Decentralised exchangers appear, have their own native token and some farms/pools.
We invest liquidity and then 4 weeks later, the version 2 scam comes.
You get the new tokens and 10:1 radio yet the price goes right down.
By this time you have lost $1000s and the new token is now a nurse round your neck.

Then. There is a migration of the whole project and you will suffer indefinite loss from the price movement.

The banks own CRYPTOCURRENCY. They are the whales


ImPermanent Loss
Ok then!¡!! I stand corrected Anyone had experienced similar

Comment bloquer une adresse qui reprend automatiquement mon BNB chain de mon portefeuille wallet ?

I’m not sure of what you are talking about in the upper post but I wanted to comment about your last sentence about the banks. Many people think that the banks getting into and buying BTC to hold on their balance sheets is part of global adoption and good for the price. I on the other hand personally hate it. I think it’s the one thing that should be ours that they need to keep their crummy hands out of. There are only 21 million of them and it’s for us little people to grow our wealth and retire one day. Not for them to horde like they do everything else that is hard for us to have access to. Banks and big institutions ruin everything they touch and that’s part of the reason we are in this crappy financial system currently. The gvmt is the other half of the issue. Sorry, on a rant.

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hello i opened my wallet in two phones one is lost and now i have one phone and key phrase. i want to disconnect from the lost phone. how it can be done.
What if i change the key will it automatically logout?
Please help.

Hello @arsalfarooq
The best thing to do for your safety would be to create a new wallet and move all your funds to the new wallet.

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is it possible if i change the phrase and it logouts from both devices?

@arsalfarooq recovery phrase can’t be changed. Please read and understand this:

Learn more about how to protect your cryptos and new wallet: