Did not receive NFT badges in my wallet

Hi there!

The question is regarding ongoing event with NFT badges.
Yesterday I completed 3rd and 4th tasks (Ariva digital and OpenOcean), minted both NFTs but did not get them into my mobile wallet ( btw 1st and 2nd nfts are there). The rule says that I have to complete NFTs into my wallet, so the question is - why I don’t see them into my wallet if they were minted to my address and I can see them on galxe profile?


*ps I tried to search similar topics but didn’t find anything yet

You have to click the first two (2) NFTs and you will see them there, they merge like a folder.


I have nearly the same issue. I completed all the tasks, but can see only 2 oats in app. On galxe I have 'em all

@deafborn if you can see them on galxe page, there is nothing to worry about. App delays to display NFT sometimes.