Didn’t receive Kin in Trust Wallet

I sent Kin to this address and I saw the notification from Trust Wallet, which usually means it worked and I received Kin (as I have done a number of times to this same address before), but I received nothing in the Trust app.


If you check the blockchain at…


…you can see the last two transactions that I never received in my Trust app.

Can anyone help me figure out what might be going on here? Thanks in advance.

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I just sent 100 more Kin and it looks like one of my previous sends appeared, as well as the 100 Kin. Weird.

What is the version of your Trust Wallet app?
Make sure you are using the most recent version available.
Download it here:

Not sure if you saw my 2nd message. Check it out. I have been using the latest Trust Wallet version.

I did not see the exact version, that is why I asked.
Looking at the KIN explorer it does show that there are tokens coming in.
If this is not showing properly on your waller and the balance is not correct, you need to do a re-import of the multi-coin wallet.



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