Didnt receive ETH that i have bought

I have bought 0.07001 ETH on 2021/04/24 and i sent my ETH receiving address to the exchange but i dont receive it in my wallet yet.
After a few days i checked from exchage site and they said that they have sent that amount to the said address, please check yourwallet. After i checked the address, I found out that my receiving address for ETH is changed.
My first address is 0x4498094158817dbe62fD9cDDD7F9229f0D906677
And now my receiving address for ETH is:0xB3A78Fd5a2B841C2a5F7E7Ea2458320B4221a61B

Please kindly transfer that amount to the new address.

It looks like both wallet are fine with funds inside. Your 0.07 is indeed in the first wallet.
Would you please indicate where you got the first address in the first place? Was it from inside Trust Wallet app? In settings, you can check if there are several wallets available in case you have now 2 in the application. Trust wallet will not be able to send the amount inside. They do not have access to wallets. Only you can if you access the wallet you provided to the exchange.

Dear sir/madam

Thank you for your respond. I checked my wallet and i figure out that i have sent my Vechain receiving address instead of Ethereum address but it wasn’t in my Vechain wallet.

I don’t know how to find that amount of Eth. and how to transfer it to the Ethereum wallet.

Would you please help me to send that amount to my Eth. Wallet?

Sincerely yours

I’m looking forward to receive any response to my last message.

My problem still remain, i cant find and send that amount to my Eth. Wallet.

Please help me to solve this problem.

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Seems you want this resolved quick. Try direct message to+7605899139 Trustwallet