Didn't receive my BNB from Binance?

I made withdrawal from Binance BEP2 (left memo blank) few hours ago to my trust wallet. I got confirmation from Binance saying transaction was successful but nothing is reflected on my wallet. My BNB in trust wallet is still zero. Please help its been almost 11 hours now.

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Iv had the same problem for weeks now… I see it on etherscan… success it says but it’s not in my wallet. Unsure how to recover it

I got the same problem and the worst thing is nobody us helping. They dont even have a support function where i can contact them directly i kind of want my money.

Hello guys, I don’t know where to ask this question.

I Have problem with swapping LTC bep2 to BNB, or trade LTC. Because for trading or swapping I must pay BNB network FEE, but I don’t have BNB coin on Trust Wallet. How to change Network FEE to pay with other coin, for example LTC. Or why Trust Wallet don’t get from me enough BNB, when I swap LTC to BNB? Please help, if you need image give me e-mail, I’ll send you.

And if you know how to post topic here on community, please tell me, I search for topic button, but nowhere.

Same here! Yesterday I did a withdrawal from binance of BNB to my trust wallet, I made sure my ID for my trust wallet was inputted correctly as well as all other details. I can confirm that a withdrawal success email was received but no funds have arrived into my trust wallet? I’m very concerned that they have not arrived as of yet. Can someone help me look into this please?