Didn't receive tokens

Hello dear trust wallet supporter,
I’ve bought some ETC coin and that’s about 2 days ago and it has not credited in my account yet, considering to binance help center I decided to follow the status from you,
I will be really appreciate to let me know why this happened


i have transferred the token on trust and it is showing on eth scan but not on trust wallet, it is custom token

Hello @abdullahbasharatch
Can you please provide your receiving address and the transaction ID?

please find attachment of transaction id, receiving address and ethscan screenshot 0xde40b827ba21f1fe2d871f58c1be3ad40ff9e3b4adf640692dd4b97f82e7e96c( transaction id)

receiving address 0x19A2BA8d6A52CD9f146d868C45eDfBCe6d00C9f2

@abdullahbasharatch Use the details below to add as a custom token.
Network: Ethereum
Contract address : 0x706abfF8Bb86bA0b38E66A9043e06a424B9e6BB5
Decimals: 18
Learn more:

thankyou token are now showing but price is not showing or showing in total balance

@abdullahbasharatch The price of the token depends on several factors.

If it is not actively traded on exchanges then the price will not show on the app.

Learn more here: