Different address of harmony network

I just noticed that my harmony address in trust wallet is different from the other networks like ERC20, AVAX, BSC
Also noticed while importing my seed phrase to metamask all funds appear except harmony tokens
Because the address generated is different
Probably using a different derivative path for this
I tried generating thousands of addresses from my seed phrase using iaocoleman but couldn’t find the one used in trust wallet
Just wondering what is the derivative path for harmony and why is it different from the other networks

Hello @BigH the deviation path for Harmony is different from the one on Metamask and it can’t be imported to trust wallet. Harmony has 2 types of address that which starts with one……… and the one starts with 0x………

Trust wallet supports only one… address type not one with ethereum like address (0x…). For this case you can’t import that type of Harmony wallet in Trust wallet.

It’s not about that man
If you convert the one address to the ethereum based that starts with 0x
It gives a different one from the other network

They sure must use a different path for harmony than the rest

For example
Ethereum, AVAX, BSC, is m/44’/60’/0’/0