Differrences between Trust Wallet and Swipe Wallet?

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I knew that the two wallets Trust Wallet and Swipe Wallet are all possessed by Binance, so what are the differences between these two wallets?

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Not sure if my answer is correct, but in my opinion, they differ in 2 categories.

Swipe-wallet is used more like a payment-provider/gateway for spending & staking, with its own debit-card and benefits and its running on its own ecosystem/network, supporting around 30+ top coins and tokens.

Trustwallet is the best choice for hodling/staking/swapping coins & tokens, with the best and biggest diversification of assets (160+) on the market, like a mobile bank-account.


May be we can get the grasp of that if we look at their core missions.
Trust wallet: "makes crypto more accessible.

Swipe wallet: “make crypto finance mainstream by connecting existing payment networks to cryptocurrencies”.

I believe that says it all.


Thanks to let me know about Swipe. I just went through the project details. I did not have that info.

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