[Discussion] Crosschain Swap Enabled

Have you already tried Crosschain swap?
This allows you to swap between Binance chains.
Learn more here:


Yep, easy and fast. Thanks


I was actually looking forward to it until you guys read my mind. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: thanks for the add up


This is much better and cooler, we don’t have to send to me main exchange to get bep20 anymore, that’s save time and leave no margin for mistake or error.


That was an amazing relieve having to do the manual process sending bnb to binance exchange then sending using bep20 network to trustwallet before staking on pancakeswap was exhausting. Kudos to :trust:

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I can see the transcation but I can’t find my tokens to be able to use them…
I logged in to a website and switched to BSC network and its showing the 50 bnb but would let me spend them…

Please help its alot of money …and the wallet is showing it is there


The transcation address wallet

Richard Penny

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Hello, i think you must enable the Binance Smart Chain tokens in your wallet.
Follow the guide below and search Smart Chain bnb, you will see your balance.

Can you swap between BEP20 to the regular token?
I bought EGLD BEP20 on Pancakeswap. How do I convert that to regular EGLD?

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Send it back to Binance. Withdraw the correct one.

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I can’t use Binance since I am in the US. Binance . US doesn’t handle BEP20 EGLD.

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This would be the next option available for you.


Can someone explain why when I tap on swap to binance chain the app does nothing? Anyone else having this issue?

What are you trying to swap?
Can you share your app version?
Providing more details will help us understand the issue.

I sent BEP20 USDT to ERC20 USDT (to my account with voyager) I didn’t receive it or have it in my wallet. How can I recover?

Voyager doesn’t have a private key.

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Consider your USDT lost. Unless Voyager supports Binance Smart Chain, then you funds might become accessible to you again.
At this point, there is nothing we can do.
Always double check before you hit send.

Hello, I received a heco airdrop from TrustWallet. How can I send this by token pocket?

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Please provide more details about your concern.

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
  4. Details about your issue

Is ATOM bep2 and ATOM bep20 eligible for cross chain swap? Please confirm.

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