[Discussion] Filecoin (FIL) is now supported by Trust Wallet

Filecoin has been added as a supported asset.
Here is the official announcement:

Share your thoughts about this newest crypto that you can HODL on the app.


Please we want FLOW (FLOW blockchain) be supported too when they starts trading come next month. Thanks

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Submit a proposal and check if others want it too.

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Is there a trick to moving filcoin off trust wallet I always get errors

What version of the app do you have and what is your FIL address?

My version is 1.27.2 not sure if you wanted the trust wallet address or the address I’m trying to send it to however.

Your own address. The one you are sending from.


Were you able to figure out the issue?

Checking this further with our devs.

Thanks you for the reply

Wish there was a way to swap or sell it on the platform so it’s not just stuck sitting there :frowning:

FIL token does not have a native DEX.
Maybe in the future if they launch one then the app could integrate it.

Ya its unfortunate its basically on hold till the devs figure out the issue

Looks like the coins sent but was almost 2 hours ago . How long should I wait till I submit it to the proper people?

how can i adjust gas limit for fil transfer?
i just recive out of gas limit error

Hello. Could you advice which network to use? I used a wallet from Fil network and my funds did get delivered. Is trusteallet working of erc then?

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Is there a way I can export private key OR at least view my private key? I need to use the private key to upload files onto Filecoin network; Filecoin mainnet does not accept Mnemonic words. Thanks in advance!

@frametable check this: Am I in Control of My Private Keys?

Thanks. I tried to use bip39 tool earlier today, but could not find Filecoin under the tool’s coin selection. Would you know if Filecoin uses other coin’s standard as in Dogecoin uses ETH’s.