[Discussion] Price Alerts

Turn on that Price Alert and get notified of the market changes.
Learn more here:


It’s amazing to keep tap on market conditions

Can’t find it though I have updated as well but it’s not there.


It’s available on version 1.22.4


Seen just saw the update now

I did the upgrade on my Trust wallet but version 1.21.6 comes down. What am I doing wrong?

This is a welcome feature to start with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. As the next step, please allow to add more user specific currencies for price movement monitoring.

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Indeed, this is a welcomed development.
We, the Community, are grateful!

Thanks @TrustTeam


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Great!!! This is all we wanted before. Thanks a lot for adding this PRICE ALERT FEATURE in our App #TrustWallerApp. You always there for us. Keep on improving!

TWT adress :


Blessings, :pray::pray::pray:

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@zachzwei Andrew I think it is time to close this topic before people fill it with their screenshots for the contest. Lolz

True this topic has been long over stretched. @zachzwei