Discussion thread on Elrond

I Have been invested in Elrond for over a year now and it looks like my patience is finally paying off. How do you feel about Elrond? it seems like they have some pretty large goals set ahead and every bit of news they release feels ground breaking. Has anyone done additional research into Elrond and what their Mainett launch on July 30th entails?


I don’t know about Elrond at all.

Just hearing about Elrond for the first time

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You really should! I think they will be big.


I think elrond aka ERD ,good token for invest and their mainnet on 30july


Let me go search about it


According to Coin Gecko Elrond is up
1 year - 554%
30 Days - 429%
7 Days - 74%
24 hours - 28%

Absolutely loving this coin

  1. Adaptive State Sharding - Real-time splitting and merging of shards as the demand for network capacity changes. At any time, the Elrond blockchain will juggle between network sharding, transaction sharding and state sharding, making the network capacity highly malleable as user demand requires.
  2. Secure Proof of Stake (“SPoS”) consensus mechanism - In line with Sharding, the Elrond Blockchain elects different validators within each shards in every validation round.
  3. Elrond VM - The Elrond Virtual Machine (EVM) is a dedicated smart contract execution engine built on WASM. Developers can build on The EVM in whichever language they’re familiar with to be compiled in WASM.

One of the DeFi project around.