[Discussion] Uniswap Integration

See the announcement here:

What do you think about this integration of Uniswap?
Let’s discuss.


Nice call, uni is still dominant in this #ERC world. So i can save a lil bit more… thanks guys


How can I get my token listing on Trust swap

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This is a welcome move as it opens options to swap a lot more coins. Integrating everything in the wallet brings in convenience + security

Thanks for having Trusteers in mind. No more long journey.

Very good but very difficult for me do this

Nice move. Integration is cool for more use. Though, only if network fees will be low. And not be Binance Smart Chain vs Ethereum blockchain.

My preferred Dex and preferred wallet integrating with one another, what’s not to like? This is huge, nicely done.

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I thinks it’s amazing and will make it easier to trustwallet users

Fill in for proposal

C’est une bonne décision qui nous avantages

This is awesome! It’s a good development and very much welcomed.

Is this already live on the app?

Yes, it is integrated and working in the app

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Ed Felton is making the low fees a reality now via their work with offchain labs. Arbitrum and serenity are nearly ready.

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Hello There! I’ve submitted a pull request with all of our token’ info and logo and the token has been added to the tokenlist.json file as well (all approved and merged).Yet, I do not see our token listed in the In-app Swap. Can someone help me with this issue?

If the token does not have that much volume on Uniswap, then the token will not show up.

Wehave had pretty high volume on Uniswap over the month (Averaging Over $1 Million a day and as high as $2.5 Mil on some days) It has slowed down to around $50k -$100k over the past few days due to the market downturn.

What is the token you are referring to? Is it listed on CoinMarketCap?

coinmarketcap (dot) com/currencies/froge-finance/

PR #1) github (dot) com/trustwallet/assets/pull/7628
PR #2) github (dot) com/trustwallet/assets/pull/8802

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