Ditto balance decrease

Hello there!
I Staked my $Cake on pancakeswap and harvested DITTO.
The amount of DITTO in my wallet is decreasing automatically!!
Is there any reason not to open this thread?
Here is a glimpse: !

The reason is because DITTO is an elastic supply token, your balance will change in your wallet depending on the rebase. I suggest you research the project further, and defo look at elastic supply coins.


Hey Imdadhm,
yes! Its because Ditto has an elastic supply and rebases in intervals.
You may want to check out their whitepaper or look at their webpage here:

Cheers =)

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Hi along007 and Mista_L33!
Thank you for your quick response.
I’ll be looking into that.

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Maybe you need to learn about ditto because their goal is to maintain a stable price 1$.

“The supply changes occur during an event called Rebase. A Rebase can be negative (supply shrinks) or positive (supply grows). If the price target is met no Rebase is needed and the supply will remain unchanged.”

You will always own the same % of the total supply.