Do not see the balance of Trust wallet when it connected to pancake

Couple of days ago I opened the Trust wallet (download from Google play for mobile and add plugin to my comp). At the same day I send there some BNB from Binance account. After I wanted buy a token from pancake swap. It connects to Pancake site, but there I see zero balance. So I can buy nothing. I tried to do this from mobile and from computer – situation the same. Hope it is possible to solve the problem.


Hello @Light4
Can you provide your receiving address?
I would also guess you have sent BNB on the native BEP2 network to your Trust app and hence why you can’t see it on Pancakeswap.
Pancakeswap supports BEP20 swaps and not BEP2 swaps.


hello, Tobi. you are right - there used BEP2. Thank you for explanation! so it is impossible to use trust wallet for pancake?

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@Light4 Trust wallet supports pancakeswap but you’ll need to swap your BEP2 BNB to BEP20 BNB first.


I see. Thank you for help! As i do only first steps in using wallet, some simple things seems complicated** :grinning:**