Does it have limit of maximum mounthly transactions in etherium in trust wallet?

I am sorry for interrupting but i am in one pretty bad situation i have been send ond guy GHS tokens in exchange for 2 eth after a while he start to sending me screenshots TRANSACTION ERROR (unaeble to resolve host) NO ADRESS ASSOCIATE WITH HOST, then he told me that will write you nn email to your support, after a while he send me a screenshot from you, i guess, that must wait for be resolved the problem and after that this morning he send me screenshot from your email that his account hes crossed the lines of the maximum transactions in etherium in one mounth so becauae that you have been restricted his account, you have been asked .For $20 000 in etherium for reactivating his wallet, from him. Please is there any truth in this becauae. I have ssnd him tokens worth $3000 for 2 etherium that never received for the beginning on our cooperation and see what it happens when you want to be good. Please just answer me this questor, does you have a limit on mounthly transactions. In. Etherium??? Best regards Vlado Jordanovski


There is no limits on how much you can send/receive with a decentralized wallet.
Trust Wallet connects directly to the blockchains it supports.
It is not like a centralized exchange that requires KYC and has limits.


I need help. I sent Eth but it didnt show up on transaction history but its been completed but when I access Dapp browser, it cant detect my funds