Does my seed phrase need to be updated after adding other currencies?


Okay, when I first set my wallet up, it of course goes trough the seed phrase prompts and have you record your phrase. However, after I begin adding additional cryptos, such as safemoon, elongate ravencoin and etc, do I need to ever update my seed phrase, does it ever change? How does the original seed phrase contain private keys of other currencies that are acquired after it’s creation?

I apologize if this is a noob question. I couldn’t really find a concise answer anywhere.

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Hello Hersch,
No you do not need to do anything. The wallet ability to contain multiple token / coin is part of its feature and part of the network it is plugged to. Your seed is the key to open your wallet on another device should you lose access to your current device or if you need to change your device. Careful - the seed will allow anyone to do so so keep it safe.
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