Does trust wallet support the MEV Network?

I have a NFT website stating that if i want to withdraw my ETH profits i must add a new Network to my external wallet. This seems to be a strange request to me. The problem i am having with this request is that the Network Name doesn’t match the Chain ID Does anyone have some insight on this matter?

Thank you in advance

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@Rugid50 Can you provide a more detailed explanation about this?
At first glance, it would seem like a scam.


When i wanted to withdraw some of my profits from a site to my wallet, the chat support told me that MEV facilitates these transactions and that i would need to add the provided network information to my external wallet prior to withdraw. After entering the provided information and before i saved the info, a message came up stating the network name did not match the Chain ID, nor did the URL they provided. After some research, i found that the Chain ID belonged to tCore but the Network Name was Bitcoin and the URL was a rpc testbitcoin, I only deal in ETH.

@Rugid50 Right, that’s most likely a scam.
Adding that test network would enable them send you a fake token that’s similar to a real token name.

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Thats what i thought. Now the task will be to get my ETH off that site. Fun Fun.

Thank you kindly for the information

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