Doge coin pending transactions


I have problem. Can you check my pending transaction of DOGE, please?

Trust wallet v. 5.19 (5194)

Txid: 8778c8d7f9804f5f7672ebd006af96f191aa80e42700af7d55846221efaddf36





I want my doge back…Thanks

@marumaru Hey ,
Due to using low fees for the transaction , Your transaction is yet to confirm . There are no way to cancel or reverse a transaction on DOGE blockchain . Unfortunately , There is nothing we can do . You need to wait until this transaction either drop or proceed by doge network .
Have a good day .

Thanks for the reply. So I didn’t lose my doge yet, right? Also could you advise how many days do I need to wait for drop?? Please let me know roughly.

You certainly didn’t lose any coins . I can’t comment any ETA , It can take days , weeks or a month .

Usually how long does it take as i face the same issue as well. My transaction was pending.

Please try to read Rakib’s response again so you can understand further: