Doge pending transaction

I am having the same issue as thegreatbelow said above of a stuck pending transaction, I have used the faq explanation and it hasn’t helped at all

I am using app version 5.22 (5224)

Wallet address is DA2WdYqmhRrTqWXWiHQCN1VS9LpyXLmwR7

I do not have a transaction hash or link

I am trying to move doge from my trust wallet into my binance wallet but the pending transaction is stuck

It won’t let me upload a screenshot of the wallet/pending transaction as I can not ‘embed media in post’

Hi @isaachale98 this address doesn’t have any transaction history (receive or send transaction). Can you check again and send correct address here?

I can’t seem to find where to find the correct address could you help explain please?

This may be it in fact DK1agsbVq5xBSMh5g42C9e1LZzd4dSJzDv
If not let me know how to find it please

@isaachale98 there is no pending transaction on this address. Please, update your app (latest version is 5.24) and re import your wallet, then send again.

I have just done this following the steps provided on your website
It has now deleted my pending doge and all my theta tokens
What the hell is going on???

My theta has now appeared but cannot see my pending doge, this is scary what is happening

My theta is now back and my pending doge is back - I am still unsure on how to send my wallet address please help on this issue