DOGE transaction stuck pending, now gone

Hi there,

On January 29th, I attempted to sell my DOGE on a marketplace. I sent my funds to the provided address, however the order bounced back. I tried sending the funds again on the 30th, however they got stuck at pending for several days.

Today, I tried reimporting my wallet as per advice on this forum, but now there is no record of DOGE nor the pending transaction. Everything else does seem to line up.

The support team at the market place say they haven’t recieved anything as the funds never entered the network.

Here is the link to the blockchair (you’ll find it 404s):

My DOGE address:

Please see attached some screenshots of my wallet pre and post restore.

Look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Many thanks

Update: I added DOGE back to my list of currencies. Now it really looks like my money just disappeared.

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Hello @Nikit07,

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)
  2. DOGE address (press the receive button)
  3. Transaction hash or link of the two “Received” transactions
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Hi @iamdeadlyz

Please find the requested information below:

  1. DJTRSZwGhoPLeMB7GAHfWsafFX67z1cuhk

  2. Link for the 1510 DOGE transaction:

Link for the 3066 DOGE transaction:

Many thanks

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Thanks for providing the requested information. Upon checking, the DOGE is still in your wallet:

The incorrect balance display is due to the node issues right now (as stated in the notice). You can try to send again now.

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Hi @iamdeadlyz

Thank you for your reply.

If I try sending again, I can not finalise the transaction as there is not enough DOGE to cover the network fee.

Will the balance automatically restore itself in the future when the nodes are fixed?

Many thanks

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Yes, it should.

You can change the network fee, if you want. Please be informed that if you decrease it, it will take some time for the transaction to be confirmed. Here’s the guide (applicable to DOGE, even if it is for BTC): How to Change the BTC Network Fee

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Thank you for this info @iamdeadlyz

I was getting a little worried that my DOGE had disappeared!

Good to know my funds are safe.

Thanks again

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