Dogechain is not visable in Trust Wallet

After much searching, I found that I had selected the wrong network while transferring Dogechain. I saw that there was eth network in trust wallet but I had selected DOGECHAIN network from HTX due to which I am not able to see the token in trust wallet. Please guide me as I want to recover it back on HTX exchange.
3- TX Hash-

I have wrongly transferred my dogechain from hobby global to trust wallet through dogechain network to eth network which is visible in dogechain explorer but not visible in trust wallet not is the value visible.

@Avdhesh That transaction hash you have sent doesn’t align with any transaction on the dogechain network.
Check that you have the correct one.

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transaction hash- 0x200d834256dfe6ab20d132f03515147e5e3e840e102e7b76b2319e7b288f49d9

@Avdhesh Can you provide a full transaction hash with a link to the explorer?