Dogecoin transaction complete yet I didn't receive the crypto

Mine finally got to my wallet. I think is a delay on the transaction side from MoonPay. I’m glad its fixed, but there should be some sort of prompt to explain this (On MoonPay’s side).

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I have received dogecoin too, but it doesnt appear on my wallet, it shows zero. But when i tap on dogecoin it shows that i have. Strange, seems like a bug. Please help

Are they getting into trouble? Hmm

Same here, bought some doge from moonpig, I still have an empty wallet. The wallet adress matches. Who can help me with this?

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Contact their Customer service

They say to contact the wallet provider, Trust Wallet in this case…

Having the same issue sending. Stuck in Pending state.

Well, moonpay trasaction says complete but still not received anything on trust wallet.

Theirs is probably stuck in pending on their end. When you check the transaction on the blockchain does it show anything? (mine doesn’t)

Doesn’t show anything in the block chain as well

Guys its all fixed now. Wait couple hours;)

I have the same issue, just got some dogecoin but it’s not showing on my wallet

Yes its finally there

My transaction errored out. Nothing on the blockchain, and the Doge isn’t back in my wallet.

I’m having the same problem. I did a transfer from CoinSpot last night, it’s been over 12 hours now, CoinSpot shows the transfer to be complete but still nothing in my wallet.

Is there just a lag time on all Doge transfers or is there a problem with Trust?

Hi @Ablaykhan1990 @AzamatAcid @GoldmanSnacks @lnbrrnt @jessper.perez,

As stated in the app, please expect some delays and errors as the DOGE network is congested right now.

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When will we be able buy shibu and “donut”??

Depends on the third-party crypto provider: List of Cryptocurrency Providers

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Does this imply that one can’t trust this means of hodling his or her cryptocurrency by also buying through this source?

This is not giving one the avenue to trust this means.

Hi @ausworld,

Can you explain your question further? What are you implying?

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