Dollar value not showing

Hello. I have tens of millions of ShibaMusk in my wallet but no dollar amount

Hello please read this:

Does this sound like a scam? It seems like almost everything is a scam. I see the toke is being traded on pancakeswap but it isn’t listed on coinmarketcap. I guess if it seems too god to be true. It probably is….

Like I said, it isn’t listed on coinmarketcap. So this is most likely another scam. If I read correctly, it sounds like a “rug-pull”. Should I dump the coins? Can they get access to the rest of my wallet? I don’t know if m nerves can handle all this scamming. It’s really disheartening. I was scammed 3 weeks ago. Be terrible if it was to happen again damn it.

Hello @Rowdy1212, take note that not all tokens without a dollar value in the app are a scam but it is best to do your own research on a project before investing on them.

I asked an admin on the Telegram channel or group. I don’t really know the difference, when the token will be listed on Coinmarketcap and I’ve yet to receive a reply. Actually I asked two admins.
Can you give me some examples of how I would do my own research? I am a noob. I can google it. But that’s as far as it goes as far as doing my own research goes. I guess check coinmarketcap. I know the token is being traded on pancakeswap. But that doesn’t mean much, does it? Thank you for your insight.

You can research by checking the Projects whitepaper, checking trading history of the tokens, checking social media to see news on the Project etc.

The only thing I didn’t look at is the white paper. Which is probably the most important. I read that they are trading on pancakeswap and they are on Trading. And there is a price per token on there. But it’s not on Trust… yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thank you!