Duplicate Transaction in my Trust Wallet

Good day,

I used my Trust wallet to upgrade a level in the Million Money project. The transaction went through twice. Please assist me in reversing the second transaction:

Transaction Hash:


9855494 11101 Block Confirmations

1 day 16 hrs ago (Apr-12-2020 05:08:40 AM +UTC)


Contract 0xbcf935d206ca32929e1b887a07ed240f0d8ccd22 (Million.Money)

TRANSFER 0 . 05 Ether From Million.Money To 0x1797280dee815c6fccdf350f62f443eca0613ce5

0 . 05 Ether ($7.85)

Transaction Fee:
0 . 000149745 Ether ($0.02)
Gas Limit:

Gas Used by Transaction:
49,915 (76.92%)

Gas Price:
0 . 000000003 Ether (3 Gwei)

Nonce Position
2 85

Kind regards,
[email protected]


Good day, Anate, and I wish it were going better for you.
Unfortunately, it is (as you probably know) impossible to reverse a cryptocurrency transaction once it’s been confirmed. Your only option at this point is to contact customer support at Million.Money, explain the situation to them, and request a refund. Hopefully, they’re an honest enough company to accede to your request…
BTW, I’ve no affiliation w/ Trustwallet other than being a fellow wallet holder. Just a concerned ‘colleague’ hoping to set you on the right track, since your preferred result won’t happen unless and until you’ve contacted M.M’s support crew, and I’ve plenty of firsthand experience in waiting (and that applies to pretty much any support crew, unless I happen to get lucky lol) for a response from support, only to be given a redirection which effectively resets your present task back to step one.
I happened across your topic quite by accident, and thought you’d most likely want someone to let you know ASAP, so as to begin the process anew now instead of tomorrow or the day after.
Trustwallet has an outstanding support crew, but they are often quite busy, and support requests must in all fairness be handled on a “first come” basis, so it could be hours or even in some cases days before they manage to get to you. Figured I’d save you the wait… and if I’ve missed something and they are in fact able to assist you, they’re of course always free to override my advice when your ticket reaches the front of the que
┐(‘~` )┌
Good luck in getting your situation resolved, Anate. I hope the rest of your week goes more smoothly…
Best wishes,
Jonathan Lunsford


Thanks so much for the response!


Is there any body that can provide me with the contact info for million.money support?

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Thanks @Gallowglass for responding.
I mirror your statement that this is not an issue with the wallet but with the MM platform.
We do not endorse any of these DApps, so if a user interacts with them it is at their own risk.
We can only assist with the basic functionalities of the app.
Reversing transactions is not possible on our end as this can only be done by the receiver.
We also do not know how to contact them.


I don’t know if’n it’ll work or not, but I plugged the address you sent your funds to into Etherscan (well, TBH, I just hit the Ox string you provided, and Etherscan is where I was sent) and it shows as a contract. There’s a web3 connection doohickey there which I don’t know how to access. Seems I don’t have an app for that v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v.
Anyway, Etherscan said something like “Congratulations! You’re now in contact with Ox-blahblahblah…” It’s worth a shot, I think. Sorry about the delay in responding. Got an email from Trustwallet’s support crew sayin’ ‘thanks’. Didn’t know about the DAPP issue, as I’ve never touched one. Didn’t know you’d responded to me, either.
Hope this helps…


Good one for taking the quick bait. That kind of ease me up here that one of you is also part of the community.

I’m liking the tour; still exploring.


dear sir I want to inform you that

Please resolve my problem I didn’t get my ethereum in my work till now

Today morning 18 July 2020 I transferred my etherium for my bit BNS exchange but I didn’t get till now in my wallet please resolve the problem as soon as possible I will send you the attachment also and transactions hash also



Please resolve my problem as soon as possible in looking the matter soon as possible

please see the attachment

On Sun, 19 Jul, 2020, 1:21 am Trust Wallet, <[email protected]> wrote:


This transaction hash does not show any details on it.

Please reach out to the exchange and confirm what is the correct transaction hash.

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I’m having a similar issue guys. To be honest, I couldn’t manage to open a new topic, because I couldn’t find how. (:slight_smile:

I have integrated my Coinbase wallet to Trust Wallet.
So I was using Uniswap to swap my YFII’s to TimeMiner. First I needed to approve YFII so the transaction begun. Then, of course, thanks to Coinbase being worst wallet ever, gas fees and limits started to become a problem and I needed to cancel that transaction.

So I’ve created a 0 ETH transaction to myself with a higher gas limit and fee. I did this before so I knew how it’s done. But this time, these two transactions status’ become “Duplicate nonce” and I couldn’t figure out how could I get rid of these asap.

Here’s the 1st one: tx/0xa3652439a2e490c102a6fc4ae7b2b57c6cee63defca4b3a0c34a90f182396def
And the self sent: tx/0x26431210796763bdebc023f94404519463016ed3e23a9af16a7797447f561387

So any ideas on how could I fix this issue? Thanks in advance.
And can anyone please tell me how to start a new topic, I’d really appreciate it. (:slight_smile:

Just fixed it with a 3rd and higher one.