This has become a general issue I made a post about it here no one responded I plead with the :trust: community and the top community members to please look at this and profer a solution to this menace before someone wake up one morning and get robbed of his hard earned assets by intruders. @zachzwei @TrustTeam @trusty @Bolaji877 and does concerned.


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There is no way to prevent these scammers from sending dust transactions.
Due to the BNB chain able to process transactions at lower fees, scammers exploit this feature to their advantage. They are able to send multiple transactions with very minimal fees.
All you need to do is be fully aware of scams, which have been always mentioned and explained in length at the site.
You should be aware of this already since you have been always on the site.

Here is a statement by CZ related to this recent occurence: