Earning bitcoins and ethereum

How is it possible for someone to earn Bitcoins, or ethereum? I need somone to enlighten me on both!


You should learn more about it in internet…


You can start by participating in Airdrops. But ensure you participate in genuine ones and not scammy ones.


Like which one are u suggesting for me?

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I cant find a detailed explanation! Can u help?

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No specifics. Participating in Airdrop is what you learn first. You can do some readings online about it. Then follow up on some legit handles on Twitter that promotes Airdrops very well

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There are several ways you can earn bitcoin and/or ethereum. Let me explain,

  1. Earn by Mining: Mining is an ideal place to earn a few crypto coins. Yet with all the profits, it doesn’t work. First of all, it’s up to you. Although Bitcoin can be mined using a high-end machine only, other cryptos can be mined in normal computer. When the values of bitcoin and ethereum increase, it became impossible to have btc in a low setup system for people to mine to a significant degree. Search internet for more details on how to mine Bitcoin or ethereum and/or mining pool.

  2. Staking: You know, you can also earn by stake your asset. Although, it’s hard to find bitcoin staking pool but search online (Also do your own research). Ethereum staking can be happen with ethereum 2.0.

  3. Join Airdrop : Airdrops are a great way of taking early advantage of emerging projects. You can earn decent amount of money by performing following tasks

Following their social media channels. Ex- Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc.
Sharing posts like retweet a post.
Signing up
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  1. Join Bounty : Also you can earn some free bitcoin/ethereum by joining bounty programme. Bounty are simply promoting any projects. Check bitcointalk for bounty hunting.

  2. Start Freelancing : you can also earn bitcoin/ethereum by performing gigs/tasks. You can check BlockLance, EthLance, Latium etc for example.

  3. Gambling : Do you have experience in gambling ??? Then you can also earn bitcoin or eth by betting.

  4. Last but not Least “Try some Faucet” : Faucet is a bet way to earn btc/eth. But remember, the payment is tiny.


Great Post!

Just adding two ways:

  • Earn drops: Community based tokens earned by participating in content Creation, validation, support … As this community or Brave rewards on earning Bat by viewing privacy-respecting ads.

  • Yield Farming: Compounding your coins/tokens and earning interest out of it. Providing liquidity to pools or depositing your assets as collateral. This needs further personal research as risk is implied.


I recommend you starting from faucet,and then mining,and then Airdrop,and then finally staking, trading and Investment.

There are some apps in Google play store that gives you free cryptos from playing games. Cryptos like btc, eth, ltc so they will send it directly to your coinbase wallet when you reach the minimum payout you can request for withdrawal

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I have some websites that allows you to mine crypto currency, if you are interested let me know

You can start from airdrop, faucet or mining brother,
and you will know the answer
Just do it bro you will never know before you try

Please try to learn crypto and cryptotrading.Dont run behind money first.knowledge is money.there is no shortcut way to earn btc and Eth.get away from scammer.

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First of all you must have work, you can buy btc and eth with that even a little money will do just your extra second a lot of free paying sites on eth and btc lastly join giveaways for possible acquiring this tokens😉

Airdrop is a good way to earn money

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Hello, someone give a recommended airdrop site

I earn much in airdrop no investment just effort and trading buy new token and sell after go high ,and trade another new token and w8 until high price and again and again…

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You can achieve this by joining legit platforms that do free give away (airdrops) and legit platforms where you can invest too.