Easier Access to Staking & Swaps. Plus, New Stake Options Include KSM, INJ, & More

We’re excited to introduce new features and improvements to the Trust Wallet mobile experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • :massage_woman: Easier access to staking and swaps
  • :cut_of_meat: New staking options include, KSM, INJ, STARS and more
  • :repeat: ERC20 stablecoin support for Thorchain swaps

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New blockchains and staking options

What: More blockchains and staking options:

  • New blockchains: Kusama (KSM).
  • New staking options: Injective (INJ), Stargaze (STARS), and Cronos (CRO).

Why: We’re making Web3 easier to access for millions and adding these new options helps people leverage even more opportunities and use Trust Wallet as a true one-stop shop.

Easy access to staking options

What: We’ve made it easier to access staking options, by adding a new ‘Earn’ button on the home wallet screen.

Why: Trust Wallet now has over 15 in-app staking options, so finding them all through one button makes things much easier.

One-tap access to swaps

What: To make the app even easier to navigate, we also added a ‘Swap’ menu item.

Why: We wanted to make it easier to navigate between major functions in the app, and swaps is one of them. Now you can access all swappable assets through the new ‘Swap’ menu item.

More Swap options than ever

What: We’ve added ERC20 stablecoin support for Thorchain swaps.

Why: Now swapping assets across blockchains is even more seamless, and you can do it all directly through Trust Wallet.

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