Elrond ERC20 shows no value?

I am new to crypto and i dont understand one thing i acquired Elrond from their official website. They transferred to my trust wallet ERD(ERC20), Does ERD (ERC20) has any value or not did i just lost the money?.Can i change it to ERD (BEP2) which shows value?

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It will reflect soon, patience. Of course they have value.

What about (ERC20) ethskytrix.live 1000(0.5eth)?

how do i change ERD ERC20 to BEP2?

I will like to know how also

it will reflect soon…just wait

Hey @Sepy,

How did you get your Elrond in your wallet? I purchased some from their website as well, but it never showed up to my wallet? Did you use your ETH adress to recieve the Elrond? Or did you link your Elrond adress ?( Elrond site wouldnt let me put in Elrond adress from trust wallet, but would let me put in the adress from my Eth adress trust wallet)


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Hey, was just wondering if you knew anything about what I commented abovve, thanks!

yah i know i have also token in my wallet not appearing the price even it is already listed in exchange…and after update and a couple of days price is now appearing…thats my point maybe your elrond is not yet updated on trust wallet… i am not saying that we have same case…dont get mad bro…if you don’t want my comment then just ignore it…wait for better reply for your concern…thanks

Man, im fking dumb, the price wasn’t showing up, but I didn’t have Elrond ERD ERC 20 checked in the place where u can add more tokens to see, holy fack thats funny. Man oh man. Thanks for all the helps and answers boys! @jay_chris008

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And also i just wondering that the one elrond is Bep2 which is the one that there is a value…maybe your token is same name but it is different from that of Bep2…just take a look where did you get or buy that…and ask if why it is erc20 not a Bep2

man you trying to freak me out arnt you lol
I googled it real quick and apparently its the same thing but it changes on different networks or whatever ;p

Only the price of BEP2 ERD is now shown, because CMC shows only that …
The ERC20 compliant ERD will switch to the original ERD after mainnet on July 30 … or send the ERC20 to Binance.com and withdraw BEP2.

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So after 30 july even the ERD on the ERC20 blockchaing will show value?

This stuff is pretty confusing. why would ERD have BEP2 and ERC20? shouldn’t it be just one? Could you please explain or link some sources I could read? Thanks!

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The ERC20 compliant ERD will switch to the original ERD after mainnet on July 30.

Read here: GitHub - ElrondNetwork/pre-staking: Phase 1 - Staking rewards

It is not new, there are several projects already that exist on different blockchain. Although, their supply is limited to balance on both chains. Like Tether (USDT) it exists on OMNI, Ethereum and Tron Network but their supply on these networks is not the same.

There are also cases for example, the projects has 2 million supply and they decide to exist on both chain, like Eth and Tron, they allocation 1 million on each blockchain.

Hello! On my account still shows no value and it already passed more than 2 weeks. Thanks!

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Does anybody know how to solve this?

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Same issue here, ERD shows no value, the evolution charts are not available and I can’t exchange it. From what I’ve read this issue should be solved after 1st of August, anyone here with an update ?

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