Empty wallet problem

I used pancake swap to purchase Fine coin today, and I had trouble selling due to pancake swap giving errors, trouble shooting online led me to reinstalling Trust wallet. after reinstalling I used my recovery phrases which got me into an address that wasn’t mine, an empty wallet. I tried to recover wallet from settings entering the keys again but to no avail. I’d really like help fixing this issue.

My real wallet is this one. 0x6c245B60979C9C8ed4f8DDE56a35b014BBAE98c4

And my new wallet is this one. 0xf6DE518A18748f27e69B0641686633283387BA45


@Chtsmsk if there is a way I could find out my old wallet name please let me know or if you have found a solution to this problem

I also have the same problem but I don’t know what my old wallet code was is there a way to find that out

After buying Refinable coin and being scammed. I swapped rest of Refinable tokens with XRP.
However i have not received anything back in my wallet.
It says on BscScan that transaction was successful and Refinabale>WBNB>XRP was transfered.

This is the first time i am transferring XRP to Trust Wallet.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi Chtsmsk i have the same problem! Do you solve the problem, please let me know :wink:
This is so frustrating

Guys i am in my wallet!

  1. I logged in with the 12 words and sadly again i logged in, in the wrong empty wallet.
  2. I go to ‘‘Settings’’ in the trust wallet (of the wrong empty wallet) and i clicked on Portefeuille
  3. I clicked on the 3 dots and than on the wastebasket.
  4. I deleted the app again.
  5. I logged in with the 12 words again and than i logged in to my own wallet with all the coins… :slight_smile:

I hope this will help you guys

I bought a new phone and I reinstalled trust wallet and did my phrase words correctly and it said my wallet was imported correctly. As I open my wallet I notice none of my shares are on it. Currently I’m missing 16mil shares of Safemoon.

I’ve reinstalled Trust wallet, I’ve done all the extra steps to try and get it working and nothing is bring back my shares.

Can anyone please help!

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Is it showing nothing? Total wallet empty?
If this is the problem than you can see my comment