Encountering Errors While Swapping Tokens on Trust Wallet

Hi I exchanged my Matic Polygon for USDT (PoS) on the Polygon network using Trust Wallet. However, I’m encountering errors when I attempt to swap or transfer the token to another chain token or even within the same chain (Polygon).

Here’s the process I’ve been following:

  1. Open Trust Wallet.
  2. Navigate to the USDT token.
  3. Select ‘Swap’.
  4. Choose to swap from Polygon USDT to either Polygon Matic or BSC Chain Link.
  5. Approve USDT.

After approving USDT, I encounter an error on the next page stating ‘Quote expired’. When I refresh the page, I see ‘Swapper Bad Allowance’. If I cancel the page, the transaction gets stuck in pending. The nonce number remains the same with each new attempt, and every failed attempt gets removed from the list due to ERC standards.


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@01_defender_01 Reimport your wallet and try again.

Is there any alternative method? I’m attempting to back up my passphrase, but it keeps failing. It’s prompting me for app permission, but when I navigate to the permission settings, there are no options available

@01_defender_01 Are you trying to backup via google drive?
You could check first if your app is up to date, likewise your google services app.