Enhanced Staking Support, New Supported Blockchains, and More

We’re excited to introduce new features and improvements to the Trust Wallet Mobile and Browser Extension experiences. Here’s what’s new:

  • :star2: Extension BNB Chain staking
  • :link: New chain support on Extension: INJ and STARS
  • :globe_with_meridians: Support of SEI Network and Base chain added on mobile
  • :mag: Clear risk & fee info for informed decisions
  • :zap: In-extension crypto purchase with Mercuryo
  • :cut_of_meat: Expanded staking options on Browser Extension: KAVA, OSMO, and more.

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Support for Base and SEI Blockchain:

What: Integration of Base blockchain into the app, enabling users to utilize and interact with the new blockchain. SEI blockchain will be available for iOS as of tomorrow (August 16th).
Why: Our goal is to support a variety of blockchains, providing users with a diverse set of networks for their cryptocurrency needs.

Browser Extension

In-extension BNB Chain Staking:

What: An easy way of staking funds right within the Trust Wallet browser extension, including simple staking, unstaking, and redelegation options, with an enhanced staking overview.

Why: To make staking with Trust Wallet seamless and efficient, improving user engagement with staking.

Support for New Chains:

What: Injective and Stargaze chains have been added, further broadening our portfolio’s diversity and offering more possibilities for user investment.

Why: We aim to provide users the most inclusive platform to explore various investment opportunities.

Crypto Purchase with Mercuryo:

What: Users can now buy crypto directly in the extension using Mercuryo as a payment gateway.
Why: To simplify the process of buying crypto and help users easily access digital assets.

Improved Validator Information:

What: Our updated code reduces network calls to fetch validator and delegator information, streamlining the overall user experience.

Why: To provide a better user experience by minimizing excessive network calls and enhancing data accessibility.

Detailed Overview of Risk and Fees:

What: Information about potential slashing risks and validator commission fees are now featured prominently, helping users make informed decisions while staking.

Why: Trust Wallet values transparency and ensures users have all necessary information to secure their investments.

Extended Staking Support:

What: We’ve expanded staking support to include Cosmos, Kava, Terra, Osmosis, Cryptoorg, Injective, and Stargate chains, increasing the diversity of our staking options.

Why: Our goal is to continuously broaden the range of staking options available for our users, maximizing opportunities for investment and growth.

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