Enquiry on how members can earn TWT

How do members earn TWT?? I read that some percentage will be distributed to active members. I am a year old in trust wallet and have been an active users of the wallet but have not received or earned a single TWT token.

There has to be a way members can earn TWT, the team should look into this pls

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Hello @Claudeziks currently there’s no ongoing TWT giveaway or airdrops, all have been ended long ago. You can buy TWT directly from exchanges such as Binance.

So what’s the plan for twt price increase, utility and usecase…we need more usability or usefulness of the token

@Claudeziks you can read here: Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

And this: https://community.binance.org/topic/3059/proposal-for-listing-trust-wallet-token-twt-on-binance-dex

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Why not create a telegram group for TWT traders?? Since the future price of the asset is in our hands, create a telegram group to accommodate all Twt traders, let the community reason together on how we push the asset and price forward.

@Claudeziks we have telegram group chat for TWT discussions: Telegram: Contact @twt_discussion


Hello, I am a loyal holder of Trust Wallet. I want to ask a question. Is the company developing a payment system? When can it go online? Now, the world’s richest man Elon Musk and Amazon are trying to access virtual currency trading portals, and Twitter games are also developing payment wallets.

I think some developments are underway, the trust always does unexpected things) but in the meantime, you can stake Twt on binance at 0.5%

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