EOS support needed in Trustwallet

EOS is not supported in Trustwallet. It is a much needed feature. What say guys?


I really want this to happen because of this new coin called ECOIN in EOS. I’ll like to see this project done.


Yea… it’s but that is one update for trust wallet on that.

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Yes that could be much better

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It will be nice to have eos on the wallet

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Yea I noticed that when dealing with Ecoin, I used another wallet to store up the Ecoin.

I need that coin too

I agree with you. It is much needed.

Yeah, I just wonder why they didn’t add EOS, it is pretty decent coin and I know they have bep2 version of EOS but the real one is different. I guess because they have different approach on blockchain becuase they have this ram and cpu which confused some users, not really user friendly.

True I think they are after quality coins but I think as time goes by they would.

EOS is becoming essential at this point for Trust to remain one of the most dynamic Wallets on the market. WAX, which has the attention of the mainstream (Capcom, William Shatner, DeadMau5, etc) has switched it’s NFTs from ERC20 to EOS as it’s Blockchain platform. Please add this to the roadmap guys.

Why can’t we transfer Dodge Quinn?

I have a problem, hopefully someone can help. The motherboard of my phone was damaged, I got a new phone, downloaded trust wallet etc put in the recovery phrase and the wallet loaded but none of my coins are in there, why? Can someone please help I have 4 coins I’m trying to retrieve

I Agree.
Why Trust Wallet doesn’t provide any Memo for the EOS?
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