ERC20 and Bitcoin shuts app off

I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions. A few months back when we started buying tokens from Pancake Swap, when I went into my old Trust Wallet I had 12,000 ETC. I had either forgotten them, had an air drop or something. :woman_shrugging:t3: They were about $150,000. The problem is when I click on ETH, EtC, or BC, the wallet shuts off, so I can’t do anything with them. I have communicated with Trust Wallet and they give me a list of things to do, like reload the app, make sure it’s updated, send them a transaction number, etc. The app is updated, and I can’t get a transaction number, because it won’t transact. I reloaded the app on my daughters phone with the phrase, and it doesn’t show the ETC there. It’s so strange, because all of my other tokens do not shut the wallet down, only ERC20 or Bitcoin. Today it is over $450,000. If anybody has any thoughts or ideas that I have missed, I’d love to hear them. I tried to get more specific with customer service and tell them I had done all the things, but it still wouldn’t work and they keep telling me the same thing, which doesn’t work. :sob:

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