(ERD) Elrond to EGLD

Anyone else excited for the coin swap from ERD to EGLD. They say if the Price is .25 cents it will be worth $25 on september third after the coin swap. They want to foster scarcity and will divide total tokens. Looks likes some big moves coming soon. Picked up on price this week too.

What are your thoughts on this? or are my hopes too high? They announced today that they shut down trading on binance to do the swap but can still be traded on Trust wallet. Think i might pick some up before the swap


I don’t think the coin swap would make much difference than the partnerships it has entered. The swap would result in multiplying the last frozen price by 1000, and your coins would reduce by 1000.

This means:
Your 12000 ERD tokens at .02$ totalling $240 would change to
12 eGLD tokens at $20 totalling $240.

So practically so have the same amount of money and tokens would not be traded more in decimals.

The only thing this is expected to create is attention by listing a new token at such a huge price and people would be curious to know about it. When they will search, they will find a lot of partnerships and collaborations and that should do the thing

Let’s see what the community thinks about it:

  • If a coin is scarce, it will moon
  • If the project has good team and collaboration, it will moon

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Need other variant - it will dump. Because first of all it can dump)
Is this swap technically explaineble or its just a marketing game?

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