Erroneously sent USDT to GMR wallet address

Hi, I sold some GMR tokens and rather than send the USDT value to my USDT wallet, I mistakenly sent it to the GMR wallet address, can this be resolved please.

Here are attachments.

3. [BUSD QR code in plain text] 0x7CC9B057cBccE609685abDc377BfCAE5ADa2e815
4. [Transaction hash for swap of GMR for BUSD

] 0x7ca5bfef35f63cefcf10af27f53d4429503f98a30a7ff03449a6bd0b03499952
5.[Transaction hash for transfer of BUSD to GMR wallet] 0x731991a1e49c328e8fe2c45af3c964f00c4db0bef8ee3f9b656b9f56e5e4911a

@Ollu this is not swap transaction. You sent your funds from your wallet to GMR Contract.

Unfortunately, funds sent to contract lost forever. Be careful next time double check before transacting.