Error Transaction without any refund

Error transaction without any refund or bscscan detail

From address on Trust: 0x1fEc1b0222Bdfa9cDC22B4455b44f469731D7506

To address on Binance: 0x42f5b96d1829bbc7f9ff27a3d4bb11bfc5879bf6

Please find attachements for details


Trust Wallet version: 5.21 (5210)
I sent BAKE from Trust to Binance exchange with an error. There is no refund, no Txn Hash.
From: 0x1fEc1b0222Bdfa9cDC22B4455b44f469731D7506
To: 0x42f5b96d1829bbc7f9ff27a3d4bb11bfc5879bf6
Anybody who got into the same issue please give me some advice for next steps.

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I cannot send the screenshot to this chat. The link to the screenshot is not accepted also. :frowning:

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