ETC Pending transaction for 3 years now

HI all.
Have read several topic here about pending transaction problematic and finished to try making extraction of private key from my 12 word seed ( by Coleman’s BIP39 tool) to solve this issue - But No success.
In 2018 I installed Trust wallet on my iPhone, created new Main wallet and copied 12 word recovery seed. Send my ETC to the wallet to get CALISTO airdrop. After Aidrop I have send ETC to third party wallet - first 1 etc for test and than the rest. Now is the rest of ETC stuck - PENDING for 3 years.

I change 3 iPhones meanwhile and did not use Trust wallet up till now. I put in 12 word recovery seed so the Main wallet working but I can’t get to the history of ETC wallet transaction so I could cancel transaction, Re-send or recreate. It Shows me "this is watch - only wallet. Except recovery seed I do not have any private key for ETC wallet so I could get into transaction history to recover this stuck transaction.

Is there a way I could get private key for ETC wallet from my recovery seed ? I tried Coleman’s BIP39 tool, but with out success as I can’t find my public ETC address there…

Is he anyone by any chance who could help me with this or get me through the process so oI could get into my ETC Wallet to cancel o resend this transaction ?

I have ID of the transaction, so easy to see PENDING status on Etherscan, so I can post here too.

Could read here similar problem with Private key extraction on BTC but could not apply for ETC to find my Receive address after putting in my recovery seed - Looked in 5000 address…

IF any good angel here could help would be much appreciated…

thank you, Pavlito.