ETH delivered by Moonpay but not in Trust Wallet

I bought ETH though the Trust Wallet app via Moonpay. My transaction was completed over 2hours ago as it says “crypto delivered 4/7/2021, 8:58:54 AM” but the cryptocurrency is not in my wallet. I contacted moonpay and their response was to contact Trust Wallet. When clicking on “Click to view on Blockchain Explorer” is says, “Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash” and “ If it still does not show up after 1 hour, please check with your sender/exchange/wallet/transaction provider for additional information.” I am not sure what is going on and praying I did not get scammed. Can someone please help.

Transaction ID:

Sending to:

Hi @CryptoBoss143,

You already received the ETH that you bought. You also spent it on the next transactions.

I’m literally having the same problem she is but I haven’t received any of it and I spent $300. Idk what to do.

Hi @Garyjames90,

Please copy the transaction hash and send it here.


That’s the hash but when you go to it, it says it doesn’t exist.

This same thing happened to me. I was charged and it says delivered but no crypto in my wallet.

Here is my hash:

@Garyjames90, please contact the customer support of MoonPay so they can investigate:

@jbergson, it’s already in your wallet. Also, you already used it.

I have the same problem.
Destination address:
Transaction Hash:

I have bought ETH on moonPay and it hasn’t sent but says it already is in my account?? I don’t want to lose my money!

Destination address

Transaction hash 0xd374a29234a2d4030b8f887e441005155d5cd185b02391547eec05bb9ada51a8

Yes I am having the same exact problem, I am not sure if the network is overloaded or something

Transaction hash: 0xe0101ade828cc39dfb8d44e1919d028fea951675c1f23ca1b9ad67d9a3a54786

Wallet ETH address: 0x40EB67ab930f88eac0784e9b1a39951100b47F07

Cant post pictures, not sure why. Please help

I bought ETH with moonpay. Been delivered according to moonpay but it hasnt shown in my wallet. Is this just a time issue, or did i just lose my money?