Eth deposit not credited

I deposited eth into trust wallet and it’s not credited. Can someone from trust wallet rectify this! I can provide you the details.
My eth address 0x38DD8805F3482a3B87afC9536b720A9deCC100a0
Trust wallet version 1.26.11

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You mean this transaction Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan?

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Hi @Gagan6,

Please be informed that you already received the ETH and you used it to buy a token on Uniswap: Address 0x38dd8805f3482a3b87afc9536b720a9decc100a0 | Etherscan

Same issue with me. My ETH is not credit which I have sent from Binance

TxID is 0xf6cf4f5ed1f782503d9105e7b97d88bd6f6beec14950c7634dfb2e4f24e9a968