Eth from Binance wallet to my wallet

Good afternoon I sent Eth from Binance wallet to my private key which in turn generated the followijg receiving address and it didn’t send to my wallet address but the private key instead of my wallet address. Shows succesful any way to retrieve it? Any help is appreciated thank you. I have posted screenshots and here is the wallet address on ether scan. As well as receiving address


Hash 0x0137003eb6946155f00cef383a12569fee396ef1520a51b7e709802ec8e85b1f

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Hello @ripplebraaap,

To clarify, your ETH was sent to your private key?

If yes, Binance automatically displays that the address is incorrect: The withdrawal address format is wrong. Please check the withdrawal address length and character content and try again. It would be impossible to send it to your private key. Not unless you decreased the number of characters until the error goes away.

Please double-check if that is indeed your receiving address. Include screenshots if necessary.

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I really didn’t get an error and it processed thinking it went through successful yet. I checked the address and it was my private key which in then generated that address for it.

To clarify, please go to your wallet take a screenshot of the receiving address, and send the screenshot here.

P.S. Do not send us your private key. We will never ask for your Recovery Phrases, nor ask you to send crypto. Always keep your funds #SAFU. Report impersonators and block them immediately.

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Not the etherscan. Please go back to the app, press Ethereum, select receive, take a screenshot, and send it to us.