ETH network fees

I have 90 usdt (erc20) on my wallet. in order to withdraw them, you need to have eth on the account for the commission. I have no way to buy eth. Please help me with this. or take a commission from an account usdt.

Hello @Temur1,

You can withdraw from an exchange like Binance if you can’t buy via the app.

I have no money at all to buy ethereum. I only have usdt. on the trust wallet. can i do something with them?

Unfortunately, without ETH, you can’t transact (send/swap) your USDT. Learn more about ETH gas fees here:

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bought some eth. can the price be set for 80gwei gas?

Yes, you can. Please be informed that it may take a lot of time since the miners require a higher number of gwei right now.

For your reference, please check: