ETH not displaying

My eth also is stuck when i swapped my bnb to ETH. is there any delay?

Read my answer above, follow all steps provided above, if you still doesn’t work… send your address and transaction hash/ID here app version too.

I replied with everything you asked my message is awaiting approval. Please check it thank you .

ETH Address : 0xF1A2F20117252592f3945bE99e2D7Cd9Cd5Cbf5f
ETH BEP 20 Address : bnb1z8t0g4naqd9y6x9rdkurxlkr49tzjyjgu5ag5m

Transaction hash/ID : 0x505e47bae0fcb42ce1014d4db582b61444712e39b308ba22f9daa5456627b038

App Version : 5.23(5232) (IOS)


  1. Update your app
  2. Use VPN
    Refresh your app.

If problem persists, send screenshot of ETH BEP20 balance ( click on ETH BEP20 You enabled and screenshot), app version too.

App version : 5.24 (5240)

@gomu I told you to enable ETH BEP20 not BEP2. Do the manual search again and enable ETH BEP20.

I did the manual search and only bep2 is there…

Check the screenshot above