Eth not received to my trust wallet

Hello ,

A successfull ETH Transaction not received to my Trust Wallet.
You can see the details as follows.

I submit ticket and shared all these details already , no reply ,no assist till now since more than a week.
You can see the necessary pictures as well

My Trust Wallet ID : 0x7580395D049017773599C062b68A158D50F5c6b2
Transaction Hash : 0xf93f9a126a71c4701d373de4ba86c3a45d8337ad50220c694eaef83cdf748b9c
Trust Wallet App Version : 6.18(540) IOS

Please kindly assist

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Hello @Herooisthero, your tokens were already received to your wallet.

Hello ,

No it is not.
The latest token arrival to my Trust Wallet date is 08.11.2021 as you can see all transactions in and out by the dates from the picture i share my ETH Wallet Transaction history.

Yes there is a balance in my wallet already because i am mining and in every 1.5-2 months i receive 0.090-0.095 ETH.

09.01.2022 transaction never received to my trust wallet.

Thanks for helping

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@Herooisthero The received ETH is not shown in your Transaction history but you already received it.
That is why i attached the explorer link above so you can check it.