ETH not transfered to trustwallet


I made a transfert from Binance to Truswallet, several times there was no pb, but this time, i probably made a mistake.

He is the TxHash:

From: bnb1jxfh2g85q3v0tdq56fnevx6xcxtcnhtsmcu64m
To: bnb1g69hyzv0xrfwc7m96yxc0q2yd43amm7udpjmnt
Value: 0.14067602 ETH-1C9

And in fact, i know i ve sent the code to RECEIVE BNB instead of ETH, but both code belong to my Idea, Anyone can tell me how to recover it PLEASE :slight_smile:

I will appreciate so much

Your funds are there in your wallet, just tap on top right corner and search ETH then switch on ETH BEP2 manually. If it shows 0 in balance, try to reimport your wallet, update your app and use VPN.

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Thank you ! In fact, yeah that was the solution, i deleted the app and reinstall… everything came back !

Great! Glad to know that. If you have further inquiries, feel free to message us. Stay SAFU!