ETH pump, can the next $ 1K or not?

ETH at the end of the year can touch $1K🤔.
and congratulations to you ETH holders.
this is just my analysis, what about your analysis?


I don’t think so, it would be too parabolic.
Also, a lot of resistance along the way, such as the Fibonacci golden pocket around the $500 mark and the 0.786 retracement, around $800 mark, which aligns with the June 2018 high.
RSI already in the overbought area.

ETH/USD Weekly Chart

But you know how it is, everything can happen in the crypto-space!



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Probably it might but let’s hope it does though I don’t own any

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@Aezakmi Smart analysis friend, thank you for sharing your analysis


Keep holding ETH, there may be an advantage in holding for now.

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Not this year, in my opinion. Though it might move higher due to the 2.0. Not a financial advice sha. :heart_eyes:

Wow hope it will happen soon

accurate opinion, but the crypto world is not impossible as long as they realize the benefits to us.
Have a nice day😀

It might happen… Let’s see