ETH sent but did not receive on Trust Wallet

Hi, today i sent 0.09 ETH to Trustwallet
but till now (been 4 hours) i still not receive any ETH i sent
tried to confirm the apps i used to sent it says “success”, i sent it before and it was okay

app version 1.29.3
my ETH address: 0x56e8D228a6df00e4baEc8717c9558804183b9354
Transaction ID : 0x20ba9a0ea8392bc3e51875ef35699014a32facdf065a18ca0ebce2599524ad5b

i tried to delete and backup my wallet but no result

please help me, i need this fund urgently
thanks before

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bendede aynı sorun var 6 adet etc binanceden gönderdim çözebilirsen haber ver ben 4 gündür bekliyorum muhattap yok burda dikkat et

Hi there,
May not be right thread to ask. Would really appreciate if anyone can help. I withdrawn dogecoin to trust wallet using ETH address. Is there anyway I can reverse this payment or get back to dogecoin using dogecoin address?

Hello I’m having trouble with a transaction that I made to send ETH to my trust wallet and I yet have not received any of it on my trust wallet I think I used the wrong network address would I be able to recover it and how can I.

Thank you

I have the same problems as yours and i don’t know what to do i have also checked my transactions and everything is fine.

Hi, today i sent 0.05ETH to Trustwallet
but till now i still not receive any ETH i sent
tried to confirm the apps i used to sent it says “success”, i sent it before and

my ETH address:

my txid

Same situation, tried to send eth from binance, got eth erc20 address, sent and not recieved.

Checking I have noticed the deposit eth adress is exactly the same as my tct recieve adress, is this correct?, they are both erc20 tokens but I am unsure how this works.

My txid


Same situation, yesterday I sent 0.033 ETH from binance to this wallet but I have got nothing


my receive address on trust for eth

wallet core 2.6.4